As Rakim once said: ‘Let the Rhythm hit ‘Em.’ You’ve found the place for the best that underground hiphop, soul and other Stylized Rhythmic Music has to offer. SixStep keeps your ears up to date with all the finest, newest and baddest music of the moment. DJ Cutnice welcomes renowned DJ's from all over the globe, to the GETROCKSTEADY show, broadcasted from Hiphophuis in Rotterdam.

Resident DJ Cutnice has been spinning around the globe for over 30 years now, at various big hiphop and breakdance events. He started spinning in a time that vinyl was called black gold. And he has a lot of this black gold. His love for the needle and the LP was instilled into him by his father, who had an impressive collection of fantastic soul and funk records. Whenever there was a party, his father provided the music. Watching his father entertain the family with the music he loved and listening to the great soul and funk artists of the sixties and seventies, sparked a fire in a very young Cutnice.

The fire burned even brighter in the eighties! The decade that introduced the world to hiphop and b-boying. Cutnice loved it and spent hours behind his wheels of steel scratching and mixing to create the perfect DJ set. And anything less than perfect would not do for the very critical crowd of hiphop b-boys and b-girls. Mess it up, and they would eat you alive.

Now it is time for a new era in which DJ Cutnice shares his knowledge of and his love for music with the world wide web. If you love hiphop and soulful music, or as he puts it, Stylized Rhythmic Music, this is your platform. 

So tune in on the Get Rock Steady Show, from Hiphophuis in Rotterdam, to enjoy some Brand New Old Skool, selected by Cutnice and his special guests. Nothin' but Music, Rhythm and Style!