Interview: Get Rock Steady with Jesse You

Published by SixStep


Straight out of Seoul, South Korea, Jesse You brought some fine Boogie and Disco on the GETROCKSTEADY show. He has a massive record collection and is a true vinyl addict. Meet this talented DJ and check out his show!!

Six Q's 

1. What’s your current state of mind?

Now it's 4am, so quite chill. But in the studio in Rotterdam when I was recording, excited for sure and interesting 'cause the show was live streamed on Facebook. I saw all the messages! haha. 

2. Who inspired you, to become a DJ?

When I got to know about Paradise Garage and No Wave kind of 70-80's New York Scene.  All the stories of DJ's and musicians of that era were super exciting for me.

3. What’s your all time favourite artist and track?

Loose Joints – Is it all over my face

4. Who is world’s best DJ?

For now I think Four Tet and Young Marco.

5. What’s your guilty pleasure (music wise)?

Listening some of 90's Hip-Hop at home loud and sing along with the lyrics.

6. Which artist will break through in 2016?

Korean Nightlife / DJ scene is getting huge. Might be one from there.

Published | August 03, 2016