Interview: Get Rock Steady with Lucas Benjamin

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Lucas Benjamin always blows you away with something out of the ordinary. He never stops digging and searching for some hidden gems. This former B-boy (crew: Extraordinary Gentlemen) got hooked on music, from the day he was born. As the son of a DJ and musician he was automatically nourished with a broad selection of sounds.

The Amsterdam-based DJ is deeply rooted into Jazz, Soul and Funk. Currently he is a member of the Wicked Jazz Sounds-movement, curator for 22-tracks.com, and partner in the More Bounce collective.

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6 Q's - Lucas Benjamin


1. What’s your current state of mind?

It's all about love. Love for what you do, love for who you're with or what we all need to have in our minds: Love to the world. Because that's highly needed.


2. Who inspired you, to become a DJ?

I started together with my brother-in-music DJ Nobunaga (Joey Lewing). And I think subconsciously my father inspired me, because he also used to DJ back in the day and I was always surrounded by all kinds of Music.


3. What’s your all time favourite artist and track?

These questions are always the most difficult and in some sense I really think you shouldn't compare different art. Plus I'm always in a constant change, so this answer probably won't be the same in 3 years. But okay: let's say favourite artist Herbie Hancock, and favourite track I'll pick Nuyorican Soul ft George Benson- You Can Do It (Baby).  That song always touches me, has a perfect balance of the different influences that inspire me and brings me in a beautiful state of being.


4. Who is world’s best DJ?

I don't believe in a "best". So the only answer for me would be: my future self. 


5. What’s your guilty pleasure (music wise)?

I honestly wouldn't know what to say here. 


6. Which artist will break through in 2016?

Masego, a 23-year-old multi-talented kid from the USA. He produces, sings/raps, plays multiple instruments and is a charismatic, energetic character. He's going to blow-up like Anderson .Paak did in the last year.

Published | September 23, 2016